Bumbershoot ’13: Day 1 Recap

We didn’t know what to expect when we took the stage yesterday for our first of NERDprov’s two Bumbershoot 2013 performances. Would we see the same sort of audiences as last year? What we encountered was another fantastic, beyond sold-out crowd that helped us deliver one of our favorite NERDprov performances to date!

The folks who joined us yesterday were the first to witness two new NERDprov games we played for the very first time: “My Little Pony Saves the Universe” and “8-Bit Campfire”. If you want to know more, you’ll have to come see us in action!

And in case you’re wondering what nerdy topic we debated this time, it was the shady past of Shepard Book from Firefly. 😉

Special shout-outs to Paris, our Action Figures volunteer who helped us tell the story of a princess who ends up saving herself when the space capsule they’re escaping in is beset by monsters. And another thank-you to Samir, who shared the story of his recent unfortunate date and allowed us to retell it as a Dungeons and Dragons adventure in our signature game, “D20 Date”.

Good news, everyone! If you missed our Saturday performance, you’re not out of luck – NERDprov returns to the Bumbershoot stage on Monday at 5:30 (Center Theater in the Armory.) But we expect another full house, so get there early to guarantee yourself a seat!

And if you can’t quite afford the time or money for Bumbershoot this year, consider joining us for our upcoming doubleheader with Where No Man Has Gone Before at the Jewel Box on September 8th! Tickets are only $16 in advance, and since we’ve sold this venue out before you’ll want to get them in advance. 😉 Click here for more information and tickets.